Project Point – How to use Bluetooth rangefinder


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  1. leob says:

    This method captures the horizontal coordinates of a projected point. Can MapIt also capture altitude of a projected point?

    • osedok says:

      Hi, would you be able to email us more details about your device. Possibly attaching sample messages containing location and altitude.

  2. Simon Allen says:

    Great tool.
    Works well with the Trupulse 360B.
    When working with projected points I would like to record the following:
    Photo, base point co-ordinates, range and bearing measured, and the projected position coordinates. I can do this with 3 operations if I record lines instead of points but it is a bit clunky.
    Given that this requirement is pretty much standard if you want to be able to correct a bearing later, it would be good if Mapit did this as a single operation.
    Also, cannot seem to be able to attach a photo to a point, I can to a line.
    These are minor niggles to a very good, professional data gathering tool, that can (and does) work with separate RTK bluetooth GPS.
    As a data collection tool this frees me from an ESRI or Trimble tool/software chain and I can pump all my collected data into QGIS, which my clients appreciate.

    • osedok says:

      Hi Simon, thanks for your feedback. In terms of adding a picture to the point – it works exactly the same way as for lines and polygons. Just click the “camera” icon on the toolbar when adding/editing the point.

      “record the following: base point co-ordinates, range and bearing measured, and the projected position coordinates…” – I will consider this and will try to get it scheduled for implementation as an option in the settings in the near future.

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