Creating offline maps using Maperitive


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  1. Kevin Brewer says:

    Andrzej, I think this is a great application but I can’t leave a review as I can’t find anywhere to write it. The little box on your app site on Google won’t open for me. I will keep trying, as I said it is a great app. I wrote awhile ago with a suggestion as to the export of [pictures. I have continued to use your app as my data collector and now have another suggestion, if I may. I also have OsmAnd on my tablet, which uses OSM data and was wondering whether instead of using Maperitive as the tiler, whether it was possible to link to OsmAnd as the offline map server on the device? This would save that precious commodity on tablets, space, and, since OsmAnd is a fairly mature app, would lower the anxiety threshold of your users. I can’t see any reason why OsmAnd and Mapit-Gis shouldn’t work together except pointing Mapit to OsmAnd. I have just driven a few thousand kms around in southern Australia, where I live, and I used OsmAnd as a backup GPS (SatNav to you) with no trouble even when on walking trails in redgum forests. I also logged some more of my roadside fruit trees using your app, but with no visible map because my tablet hadn’t the foresight to collect them before I left. I was offline so I had to wait until near a wifi point to get the maps.

    Which brings up the next issue, that of editing the location data. Is it possible? I didn’t wait for the satellite data to fix and now have a fruit tree in the sea. I can locate the tree using my SatNav logs so want to edit the data on Mapit-Gis. Is it possible? Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers Kevin Brewer

    • osedok says:

      Hi Kevin, I am on a trip with limited access to Internet. I will answer with more details after Easter.


  2. rhenrhee says:

    Thanks! Your article is helpful for my work!

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