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  1. Sebastian Fajardo says:


    I´m very interested in your app but I was wonder whether there is a limit or not to the number of polygons, points and lines per layer with the extension. I also wondering whether the offline maps extension will allow me to use georeferenced photos or access google maps satellite photos.

  2. Rod Russell says:

    We would like to capture photos with lat/long, tilt angle and azimuth on the photo and as meta data, then be able to export to a pc based mapping software. Can you let me know if any of this is possible in the pro version?


    • osedok says:

      Hi Rod, not at the moment, however it’s an interesting idea – I will add it for things to look at next year.

  3. Peter says:

    Hallo, how can i import layer into MapIt?

    • osedok says:

      Hi Peter,
      You need to create the layer before the import. When you import from CSV, KML, geoJSON only geometries and alternatively name and description will be imported. Than you can edit data using attribute set attached to the layer or edit geometries if required.

  4. Swapan Roy says:

    Hi, Can I use SX Blue GPS receiver to increase accuracy of collected GPS data in map it app through Bluetooth?

    • osedok says:

      Hi Roy, I am not able to test it but you can try. Some people got it working by switching on Mock locations overriding. So the coordinates from the BT device are overriding original locations from the device but I have never tested this option personally.

      • Nick Aubin says:

        I am able to use external bluetooth submeter GPS Juniper Geode with your app it has worked well so far for my work

  5. Robert Rankin says:

    I am trying to import a csv points file as per instructions, have copied the file to Sd card>MapIt >Import but it is not visible in the Ap. The csv file is the correct format when viewed in a wordpad. And I have tried variations of column headings for LONGITUDE as you say use lon in the Ap but lng in Web info. Any ideas why I can’t see the csv file to import. Or do I need to buy an extension as I thought the ability to import points files was standard feature

    • osedok says:

      I think word SDCard is misleading here (I will arrange to get it changed) – Please place it to the MapIt>Import on the main device memory.

      • Robert Rankin says:

        Thanks, that works now, obviously when the Ap is installed it creates those directories in the device internal memory, cheers

  6. Nick Aubin says:

    I cannot edit line info from the map view after the line is completed, I have to go to manage layers and dig up the one to edit which is very tedious do you have a way to select the line on the map view to edit? I can edit the points by touching on the map view but not polygons or lines.

    • osedok says:

      Hi Nick, please click the line on the map and when the popup (Info Window) appears with the name of the line just click it and you will be taken to the Line attributes screen.

      • Nick Aubin says:

        Thanks for the quick reply, I am having the issue getting the popup to show at all, I noticed the first couple lines I made I was able to edit but now it is seemingly unavailable to do so.

        • osedok says:

          Try to zoom in to the line, it can help. We will be revisiting the current selection method to get this function improved.

          • Nick Aubin says:

            I zoomed in all the way almost all the time when collecting data, i go to touch a target line to edit and it sometimes selects random lines not in the view but not the target line or polygon I am looking to edit.

          • osedok says:

            Nick, I am sorry for that. I will get this logged and we will address this issue in the future upgrades.

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