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  1. Florian Hoedt says:

    Great addition!

  2. Daniel Roig Maicas says:

    Great improvement!!

    Every day is better than the day before with this awesome app….

  3. steve says:

    I using a lot the import tool, specially with kml, I dont have problems with polygons, but when I want to import lines have problems. commonly I create or I have lines or tracks lines in google Earth (KML) and when I try to import to Map it just a part of these lines are imported, per example I have a Kml with 50 lines and just 2 lines were imported without problems….What is the problem?, how I can fix it?…is a bug?

  4. steve says:

    Export Problems.
    until now Im using the NAD83 UTM, when I export to CVS the UTM coordinates are in the same column of the spreedsheet, and is very complicated separate it in individual columns to be worked as a spreedsheet. What is the problem?, how I can fix it?…is a bug?……with the lat long coordinates dont have problems, are perfect, but the UTM are more used and could be good idea fix this issue in the CVS export to be easy the manipulation of the data in excel or any GIS software….

    • osedok says:

      Hi Steve, After ‘New Year’ I will provide an option to split UTM coordinates into separate columns during the export.

      • Steve says:

        Awesome!!!, …….and what about with the import issue of line in kml that I was explaining in the previous comment?……cheers

        • osedok says:

          Hi Steve, I am sorry I have missed that. Can you please email me directly at I would appreciate if you can share your data or even subtract of the line data (kml format) you have problems with and I will be happy to investigate it.


  5. Inge Buecker says:

    The sample attribute set json file above is no more working. The variable “order” is missing. After adding “order” per field I were able to import the file. Order is used to define the sequence of the fields.

  6. Inge Bücker says:

    Hi Andrzej,
    thanks for fast response on my “order” comment. MapIt is really great and easy to use.
    I have another question. Is it poossible to set the encoding for a to be imported attribute set json file?
    I would like to import values with German “Umlaute” like “ü” in Inge Bücker. When I import it now an unknown character is shown instead the “ü”. If I edit the attribute set directly on my mobile an “ü” is working.
    Thanks, Inge

    • osedok says:

      Hi Inge, I have tested the Attributes Import from json file containing German special characters, as long as you encode your file in UTF-8 all the values are being imported properly.
      If you are editing the file using e.g. Notepad++ there is a tab Encoding. Please use it to encode your file properly before importing into MapIt.

      • Inge Bücker says:

        Hi Andrzej,
        super, your recommendation solved the encoding issue. When I save my attributes set file with UTF-8 encoding all „Umlaute“ are shown fine in MapIt after import. Many thanks!

  7. Bob Wilson says:

    Is audio recording likely to be included?

  8. thibaut says:

    But I wish the software will allow very soon mock locations from an external USB gps antenna.

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