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  1. Flavio says:

    I would like to know how much this feature.


    • osedok says:

      For the Export option at the moment is £1.99, you can also get access to all current or future extensions buying MapIt Pro for £5.99

      • Megan says:

        Is the fee for exporting a one time charge or monthly? Same question for the MapIt Pro version?

        • osedok says:

          It is one off payment for every extension or you can buy MapIt Pro and get access to all features for less.

  2. Gerlando says:

    Dopo aver acquistato questa estensione ho effettuato l’esportazione dei dati, e tutto è andato bene. Creando altri layer e cercando di esportarli non sono più riuscito. Il programma mi dice di riprovare, ma non riesce proprio. Come risolvo? Grazie.

    • osedok says:

      Hi Geraldo, thanks for reporting a problem.

      When setting a layer name it’s highly recommended to not use special characters like: / \ ? ‘ ; : ” | . , ^.
      Layer name is being used to create e.g pictures’ sub-folders in MapIt->Pictures and these special characters may cause problems on certain devices. Similarly the layer name is being used to name the file during the export operation and some special characters may cause problems as well. The advice is to use alpha-numeric strings with spaces, dashes or underscores as delimiters.

  3. Inge Bücker says:

    Hi Andrzej,
    When I copy the pictures taken by MapIt from my mobile to my computer and open it, I get a warning that the file has wrong extension *.png but is a jpg file.
    After changing my MapIt settings Standard Image format to jpg everything is working fine.

  4. Richard Rogers says:

    The app looks great! Just a few questions:
    How are the photos that one takes in the app during data collection tied back to the individual features?
    Are data written to the photo file so it can be related/joined back to the feature?
    Is there an attribute field in the feature data that contains the photo identification?

    • osedok says:

      Hi Richard, the pictures are saved on the device in MapIt->Pictures folder. Each layer has got separate picture folder and each feature has got separate folder inside the layer’s one as well. When you export the data the picture location for each record is being attached in 3 fields. One field contains picture folder name, second one contains the picture name and the third one contains the full picture path unless this option is switched off in the Settings.

  5. Oladipo Akinpelumi says:

    Please can I upload e newly created features or shapefiles from ArcGIS desktop to Mapit from ArcGIS online, because I will like to sync field collected data from d Mapit apps into ArcGIS online.
    Also does it have offline map download functionality to keep track of places visited during data collection and a syncing process like Collector for ArcGIS apps.

    • osedok says:

      Hi Olapido, we are considering ArcGIS Online platform integration and some kind of export/import functionality might be provided later this year, however it will not be rather the solution to allow you to take data offline, work on it and then sync back to the cloud – MapIt is designed in slightly different way and if you need deep integration with ESRIs cloud, Collector is probably best option for you.

      If you need to transfer the data from ArcMap to MapIt, please export it to shape file, than convert to plain geoJSON using e.g.: http://ogre.adc4gis.com than import your geometries into MapIt Layer. Option to import features from ArcJSON format (can be obtained directly from ArcMap using Export To JSON tool) will be added this spring as well.

      • Oladipo Akinpelumi says:

        Thanks for the reply…where actually am stuck is that 30 clusters (polygons) have been created and spatially widely distibuted across a district municipality which are exported into ArcGIS online now, & I will need some offline map of the area for field navigation to ensure all households in each clusters are visited and for tracking purposes.
        I know Collector for ArcGis can do this but presently there has been delay in getting an organization user ArcGis online account for login access into the apps…….so am looking for another better apps functionality to carry out my survey.

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