Enable tracking for point layers


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  1. Rob V. says:

    Interesting. Having just come across your app/software, I am puzzled by this article. If I wanted to track waypoints along a track, I should not add those points to a point layer but keep them in a separate track (eg KML) file, no? And if I wanted to add points to a point layer, why would an auto-add function (which is the tracking function, correct?) be useful? Most points are not evenly spaced along a track.

    Are my assumptions correct? I’m going to look around your website to see if I can create KML/KMZ track files while driving on poorly mapped dirt roads.

    As a GIS professional, I was happy to see someone in my field create an app I can use personally on my android phone!

    Rob V.

    • osedok says:

      Hi Rob, the functionality described above has been put in place on specific request from number of our users. I am fully aware that this may not suite all workflows.
      At the moment MapIt is able to add/edit features only on the active layer – so if you track the road and would like to have a linear output as a KML (export layer) – you must do that on active polyline layer, however there is no option to add waypoints during the tracking operation unless you stop tracking, switch layer to the point type, add your point and than swap back to the line layer and continue tracking.

      • M says:

        Hello, I know this post is a bit old, but I’m chiming in to add that the ability to have polyline background while taking down points on the active layer would really make this app #1. I use GeoTracker at the moment for opportunistic flora surveys as I do need to log my survey path (as well as know where I’ve been and where I’m going!), but if it weren’t for that function I’d much rather be using MapIt – it has way better features otherwise, especially the detailed attribute settings, map tiles, and export options.

        • osedok says:

          Thanks for your feedback. I will look at possible options to incorporate this function in the near future. Possibly Q2 2017.

  2. thibaut says:

    Please I wish to know how to find a point by the coordinates. Let’s suppose that I know the coordinates of my friend’s position who is lost, and I want to track his position, what does the software suggest?

    • osedok says:

      Hi, you can use search tool providing lat, lon e.g. 54.322,-3.008 than pressing the search button. MapIt map will be zoomed to that position.

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